Panoramic Italy

Panoramic Italy

Panoramic Italy

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Bel Paese!

Nick named as BEL PAESE (beautiful country), Italy is one of the best travel destinations to visit. Tantalizing architecture, fashion, luxury cars and of course pizza, Italy has showered lot of love on us.A beautiful country and a land to the most iconic structures in the world Black Swan Journeys recommends a few you surely shouldn't miss.

Roma as the locals call it, is the synonym of love, the reverse of Roma being Amor means love. This beautiful city has many attractions that shouldn't be missed. Once you set your foot in Rome, you will agree with the saying, 'Rome was not built in day'.


Italy has given the world some of the most iconic man-made structures. The Italian architecture is phenomenal and worth seeing. With each structure being different from the other in terms of design and style, Italy has always been in the good books of architecture.

The Colosseum


The capital city of Italy is home to the Flavian Amphitheater or as the world knows it the Colosseum and one of the icons of Rome. Colosseum home to the infamous blood sports. This is the very place where the Romans once cheered for their favorite gladiators with vicious cries and curses. The city of love one was once caught up in blood thirsty entertainment. One of Rome's most thrilling sites, the Colosseum never fails to enchant the visitors.

Leaning Tower of Pisa


Human error and a bit of miscalculation gave the people of Italy a structure that would become a very famous tourist spot in years to come. The leaning tower of is freestanding bell tower of the cathedral of Pisa. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is one of Italy's most iconic buildings  and a favorite to photograph.

A country rich in architecture and home to the spectacular designs of maestros like Michelangelo, Bernini, Italy is more than just the man made superficial structures. Laced with some of the natural and magnificent beauty which is nothing but magical, here are a few places that you must consider to visit other than the famous iconic structures of Italy.


Italy is known for its tremendous eye for design and luxury fashion industry. As one of the world's fashion capitals, Milan is home to some of the best designer brands and amazing line of stores. Here we give you the best addresses for shopping in Milan.

Via Montenapoleone is considered to be the key shopping street in Milan and home to many big designer brands, from Gucci to Prada to Valentino. It is a top location to shop for some of the best Italian leather goods. Via Montenapoleone is an irresistible place to indulge in some luxury leather accessories from world class Italian designers.


Photo Credit:Corrado Macchi/Flicker

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II offers many high-street and mid-range labels making it one of the best places in Milan to shop for young fashion. Zara, H&M and Mango all have stores offering upcoming trends at extremely good prices. This shopping street is the ultimate place to shop for the perfect souvenir of Milan.

blackswanjourneys-MILAN-TALY-View of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II




Gorgeous Italy draws travelers keen on exploring not only the stunning scenery but also the gastronomical delights. With a multitude of Italian delicacies, be sure to try on these two, our personal favorites. Enjoy the local food in 'Eataly'!

Pizza Margherita a simple but tasty dish originated in Naples.This popular item is available at all the local pizzerias. A crispy, thin-crust pizza topped with olive oil, garlic, basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese this a favorite dish of both the locals and the tourists. A pizza can never go wrong!


Tiramisu is one of the loved desserts of Italy. It comes in all sizes and impressive styles. Most common ones are the traditional alternating layers of cake and cream. This coffee desert will win your heart from the very first bite. It's like love at first bite!



Italy being a dynamic and a beautiful country is a muse for all the artist around the globe. This country has produced some of the most famous artist and masterpieces of art that have been adored by the world. You surely shouldn't miss out on seeing these masterpieces.

The Last Supper, the world's most famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is the most famous, admired and studied paintings in the world. Once you see it, you will know why. The painting is housed at Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. This religious work of art is painted directly on wall of the convent.


blackswanjourneys-Leonardo - Last Supper (1495-97)-Peter

Photo Credit:Peter/Flicker

The Seven Acts of Mercy, is an oil painting by Italian painter Caravaggio in 1607. The painting is the depiction of the seven works of mercy in the traditional Catholic belief. The painting is housed in the church of Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples.


Italy is not only the birthplace of the opera but is one of the best places in the world to see performances of this art form. Originally meant only for the elites, operas now have become an integral part of the culture and an excellent experience one shouldn't miss out on.

Teatro San Carlo in Naples is the oldest opera house in all of Italy. With over 3000 seats, this theater is home to several icons of Italian music. It is home to one of the foremost ballet academies in the world and frequently hosts ballet performances as well as operas.

Arena di Verona is an amazing outdoor venue to watch performance. A restored Roman amphitheater, the slightly pinkish marble arena stands in the middle of Verona and is easily noticeable. With excellent acoustics, live shows are often performed without microphones

.blackswanjourneys-Mohamed Ben -Arena di Verona

Photo Credit: Mohamed Ben Osmane

With so much to see, hear, do and eat, Italy has become a popular destination all over the world. These are a few of the many things to do in Italy. We are sure Italy will give you an enchanting experience of a lifetime a one that you will never forget.

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