kerala | hills, backwaters & beaches

kerala | hills, backwaters & beaches

kerala | hills, backwaters & beaches

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Kerala: God’s Own Country

From the oft-repeated god’s own country to the backwaters formed by the criss-crossing rivers, lagoons, canals, and lakes which can put venice to shame, the rolling tea estates of munnar, fabulous beaches, a string of wildlife sanctuaries, the elephant, ayurvedic massages and spas, onam and other interesting festivals, theyyam and other ancient performance styles, exotic spices, varied cuisine, the not-to-be-missed banana chips, the monsoon rains, the multi-cultural society, and of course, coconuts – phew, that is Kerala for you!


Spend your day at the villa where hours pass by unruffled. You hear no sounds at the resorts besides the lapping waves of the backwaters, a gentle breeze and whisper of the trees. Sit on a bench under the fig tree next to the lake with a book or snooze in your rocking chair in the room overlooking the backwaters, time moves so quietly without your realizing it, as hours seem like minutes and days pass in a trice. Welcome to a place so surreal that it perfectly fits the idea of a holiday in your dreams.

Unique Home stays

Stay in an eco-friendly villa facing the sea in the paradise that is, Varkala. Run in paddy fields, enjoy walks along the bay and dance around a bonfire! Explore the long winding stretch of Varkala cliff, bordered by coconut palms, quaint shops and beach shacks with a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea.

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