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Visit the Ikalto Kvevri Making School

Visit the Ikalto Kvevri Making School & Cultural Centre which has preserved the ancient craft of producing qvevri – a unique traditional earthenware vessel used for making, ageing & storing wine.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting at Alaverdi Monastery, Napreuli’s Twin Wine Cellar (family owned), Gvirabi Tunnel Cellar (industrial), Chateaux Mukhrani (industrial/traditional) & Iago’s Boutique Winery (traditional/organic)

Georgian Cuisine

Georgian Cuisine Masterclasses on delicacies like Khinkali, Churchkhela & Khachapuri.

traditional Georgian feasts

Enjoy Supras (traditional Georgian feasts) hosted by a Tamada (Georgian toast master

Interact with locals

Interact with locals & share a meal at their table, along with folk dances & songs.

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