The saying ‘In vino veritas’ holds true for Georgians. Black Swan Journeys takes you to the wine country to learn some intoxicating secrets about wine-making and the fascinating culture of Georgia.

Our curated trail initiates you into the fascinating art of wine-making, and also introduces you to the ultimate expression of Georgian hospitality, the ‘Supra feast’ – it’s a unique cultural festivity that offers an extravagant spread of food, wine, and folk dance! Meet a the Supra leader who is as important as Supra is to Georgians.

We will guide you through the medieval castles, take you grape-picking on the steeply terraced vineyards to divulge the secrets that lie within each grape. You can enjoy the gastronomic offerings of Georgia, do a hands-on culinary class with an expert, and go grocery shopping with a local. We offer a slight distraction from all that good wine by taking you on an edifying tour to a Brandy factory.

While the quaint Caucasian scenes represent the dreamy charm of Georgia, the Georgian Military Highway exhibits some jaw-dropping views. Join us on this trail to savor the wine, food, and culture of Georgia.

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