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etBlack Swan Journeys (BSJ) started off in 2010, with a deep focus on unique, customized experiences. “Depending on whether you are interested in music or cuisine, a trip to Kochi would include a homestay at the house of a band member from alternative rock band Avial, or at the home of someone who has authored a few books on Syrian Christian cuisine,” said Shishir Nikam, MD, Black Swan Journeys. Read here.



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Times Of India, May 15, 2016

Forget camping, now you can go ‘glamping’: “Unlike the age-old camping, which meant sleeping bags, impending sneak-ins by snakes, leeches and bugs and relieving yourself in the open, luxury camps can have comfortable to luxurious beds, insulated and rain proof tents, portable toilets, a breakfast table, water temperature control, among other amenities,” said Shweta Bahadur, chief voyager and general manager of Black Swan Journeys that is into `customized’ camping. Also, air-conditioned camping is available at destinations in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Click here to read more



 The Golden Sparrow, March 25, 2016

Globetrotters of a different kind: Travelling became more important than anything else, they quit their well-paying and high profile jobs to bask in adventures and travel roads less explored.“Letting go of the heavy pay cheque that my job offered was extremely difficult but I was bored of the routine that the corporate job offered and had got addicted to travelling which I had started a few months before I quit,” says Shishir Click here to read more


 India Today, March 6, 2016

The Wanderers: Be travellers, not tourists. That’s the mantra of five travel enthusiasts who are changing the way people travel. From offbeat destinations and bespoke experiences to lesser known cultural events and interesting people, these travel planners are making travel exciting and special. Click here to read more


March 9, 2015

Back to the roots : Prof Kurush F Dalal unravels the histories of our food patterns and choices based on archaeological, historical and anthropological data, thereby recreating the foods that has made us who we are. Click here to read



 The Better India, October 31, 2014

Art, Architecture And Culture In The Kangra Valley: Here is a first hand experience of a journey to the amazing Himachal Pradesh and its beautiful valleys. Join Gayatri Mendanha as she visits intense music concerts, tries her hand at art and pottery, samples exotic dishes like the Kangri dham, finds peace in the serene monasteries, experiences the thrill of paragliding, and much much more in just a few exciting days! Click here to read



 The  November 23, 2013

Weekend Getaways: Chaul chalo : After a week of battling traffic snarls in Mumbai, not many of us are enthused by the idea of travel over the weekend. But it was the post on Black Swan Journeys’ Facebook that made me think otherwise – a two-day trip to the twin towns of Chaul and Rev Danda, exploring Portuguese forts, Churches, a Hamam Khana, and Buddhist caves. Just my idea of a perfect weekend! Click here to read



Mid-Day, May 19, 2013

Indian travel firms keen on encouraging vacation volunteering: Shishir Nikam, who founded Pune-based travel company Black Swan in 2010, believes that living with the locals helps to provide a perspective into their lives and their world. This exposure to their culture and their needs provides the necessary inspiration to help communities in the right way, he finds. Click here to read



 DNA, January 6, 2012

Revisiting Ajanta art: While they have intrigued many with their history, Ajanta paintings have also been a favourite with the artist community. Some are impressed by the detailing, others are in awe of the mighty rock-cut caves. However, the timeless paintings and sculptures offer a new insight every now and then. And that would be the focus of the talk that archaeologist Shrikant Patwardhan will hold on Sunday, January 8. Organised by Black Swan, the session will be held at Grubshup, Law College Road. Click here to read


 Indian Express, December 21, 2011

With unusual locations & expert guides, heritage walks a hit: This spurt in interest in heritage buildings and areas has been greatly helped by travel agencies that are researching well and offering mini-tours to ‘non-touristy’ but historically significant locations. “Apart from taking them to places like Bhuleshwar, the Aundh museum and Chaul Revdanda village, which is a 2,000-year-old port city, the added advantage is having an expert on board,” said Shishir Nikam of city-based community travel agency, Black Swan Journeys Click here to read



 DNA, November 20, 2011

Tailor Made Travels In Pune: Are you drifting away from your culture? Then, its time to reconnect by opting for tours offered by Black-Swan. The community-based travel venture is attempting to revive culture through tourism. “We are attempting to build a bridge between the forgotten traditions and people who go looking for them. We provide tours to places where one can stay with the expert and explore the place. It is a development and conservation-oriented travel idea which is not only educational but also provides a rich, shared cultural experience,” says Shishir Nikam, founder of Black-Swan. Click here to read more


 Indian Express, May 14, 2011

The Rucksack, Art & You: “Here was this group of people who were travelling for art. It was just what I wanted to do, so I quickly signed up for it,” says 28-year-old lawyer Hasit Seth from Pune. When Seth found out about the Chaul art tour, it didn’t take him long to pack his easel and paints and enjoy the travel. The vibrant world of art tourism has begun to attract more and more eager art lovers. With this new trend, it is no longer difficult to paint in a cave, atop a fort or in the middle of a small village. A travel company in Pune- Black Swan – connects tourists with local communities, their history, their way of life and culture. Click here to read more



 India Today, February 4, 2011

Falling Off The Map: Imagine a stay at a village home in Anegundi or a night out on a fisherman’s boat or even better, an archaeologist-led expedition into the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. These are not excerpts from the journal of an explorer, but holiday activities featured on the website of Bangalore based conservation-oriented travel outfit Black Swan. Click here to read more


 The Hindu, March 28, 2010

Discovering Cultures: So close to Coonoor and Ooty and yet a world of a difference, in that Kotagiri sports a jauntily fresh look and is mercifully not marred by mass tourist arrivals as yet. I was here as the guest of Black Swan, the Pune-based travel outfit that believes in connecting the traveller with the local communities. Click here to read more

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