Food, history & a festival!

A guided sojourn through the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, where we explore the island for its rich history and traditions.

Curated by Archaeologist & Culinary Anthropologist Dr Kurush F Dalal and food blogger and entrepreneur Rhea Mitra-Dalal, and led by Dr Kurush Dalal, this trip will lead you through the landscape, art, architecture, history, and cuisines of Sri Lanka. Also, witness the sublime yet colourful festival of Esala Perahara that commemorates the arrival of the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha from India.


See the works of the celebrated contemporary architect, Geoffrey Bawa, whose love for the built form and nature combined to globally revolutionise tropical architecture. Also, see the grandeur of ancient Anuradhapura built by architects unknown.


An expert guided tour to the dramatic Sigiriya fortress majestically perched on a rocky outcrop, and the iconic Temple of the Tooth, will provide insights in the engaging myths and history of Sri Lanka. Witness the extravagant festivities of Esala Perahara at this temple.


Take a gastronomic journey through the country visiting a coffee boutique, spice plantation, cooking class, and curated dining experiences.

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