Versatile Wayanad: A perfect weekend getaway!

Versatile Wayanad: A perfect weekend getaway!

Versatile Wayanad: A perfect weekend getaway!

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We are intrigued by novelty. A large part of that therapeutic relief that we receive through travel is based in the conceptual need of every individual to experience and almost invariably be excited by novelty. Every once in a while, we need to get away, and it is these little one-day or two-day breaks that keep us up to pace with the stressful requirements of the urban grind. This aesthetic is showcased in Wayanad, Kerala – a perfect monsoon getaway. If you are interested in finding yourself an awesome spot with a breathtaking view, and just spending the rest of the day there; or if you feel the need to hike up to a peak and peer down unto civilization, this is the where it’s at!

A plan to visit Wayanad would fit best in a two or three day break at most, with the intention of literally getting away from the urban hustle and bustle, finding yourself in a cozy and homely atmosphere in the middle of the lush greens of the tropical rainforests. That urban hustle and bustle is replaced by chirps and calls of the wild. Within Wayanad district is Lakkidi, located at the crest of the Thamarassery Ghat Pass. With 9 hairpin curves that lead to the top, this view is one that will stay with you for a while. One can also visit the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary which boasts night camping activities, and a variety of animals highlighted by the elephant.


If you’re not one for the hairpin curves and the inevitable driving, you could trek to the Chembra Peaks, along with help from the District Tourism Promotion Council that provides trekkers with sleeping bags, log huts, canvas, guides and other such equipment. Another trekking route is from Ambukuthi Hills to the Edakkal Caves – a short hour long trek which takes you through dense coffee plantations and lush green terraces. If you’re lucky, one can also spot a large number of natives along the steep plantations and terraces, and observe the various practices that are involved in harvesting crop and performing practices like subsistence agriculture.

Bamboo @RejiImage Credit: Reji (Flickr)

Another novel and interesting activity is that of Bamboo rafting along the Vythiri River, as you glide along the bamboo forest, the marshy outgrowths and the misty hills all around the meandering river. One can spot different birds like the myriad bird, and can also supersede the chilled out float in the river with a hike to the largest earth damn in India – Banasura Dam, built on the Banasura Lake. The effect of the misty mountains and the calm waters is magnified by the tropical nature of the monsoons that shed their waters almost every evening.

Kalaripayattu @Mau&SaImage Credit: Mau&Sa (Flickr)

Finally, for those interested in indulging in the study or observation of traditional art and practices, one of the most intense martial arts of our country is showcased in Kerala in the form of Kalaripayattu. There are various displays and workshops regarding Kalaripayattu situated all over the state and can easily be found with respect to the dates that one is visiting Wayanad.

Heart Lake @Rain-In-The-FaceImage Credit: Rain-In-The-Face (Flickr)

Clearly there is a hoard of things that can be planned and done over a two or three day getaway to Wayanad, with the timing being perfect during the monsoons, when the tropical rainforest comes to life with the noises and smells of nature, the views of serenity and the interactions that relieve your stress points. And what’s more, you’re rejuvenated and ready to go back to the hustle and bustle until the next time!

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