Traveller Speaks: Bali

Traveller Speaks: Bali

Traveller Speaks: Bali

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I recently told a friend, the travel bug has got me bad. Every few months, wanderlust beckons and I kneel and obey! She had then said, ‘you always make your trips sound so perfect.’

And her words had bothered me, when it should not have, since she clearly meant it as a compliment. I generally share my experiences and they need not necessarily be ‘touristy perfect’. Sure, travelling as a tourist is always beautiful – you don’t tend to or choose to notice the miseries and sufferings. But the expectations of tourists to have this ‘postcard perfect’ holiday are what I find strange. Isn’t travelling about exploring, experiencing the good, the not-so-good, even the bad, and hoping for nothing ugly?

Having said that, I do have to agree, that the only not-so-good experience I had during my visit to Bali was losing my beautiful straw hat that I had owned for all of 20 minutes! Because the rest was just ‘my-kind-of perfect’.

Of course, when you pay for luxury, luxury is what you get. But The Novotel Resort, Nusa Dua, Benoa had character too. By that I mean, there are these super luxurious properties (we did come across loads of them in Bali too) that can easily be plucked and placed in any part of the world and it would not matter. But I believe holiday accommodations should be an extension of the places that you visit.

The contemporary touch to Balinese architecture at Novotel added to the whole experience – the hut-style cosy suites, swimming pool facing the golden beach, straw lanterns bringing alive the romance in the rustic beach-side restaurant, the Live Jazz music playing in the background on a relaxed Sunday, and I saved the best for last – the morning ritual of watching the glorious sunrise by the beach. Places like these have a celebratory spirit that inspires awe and complete your travel experience.

Bali – the land of thousand temples, fascinated, thrilled and warmed us. Thanks to the Black Swan Journeys team for arranging this vacation on a short-notice, like, really, really short-notice. The experience was savoury but Black Swan Journeys sure knows how to make it sugary sweet!

– Shweta Salvi

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