The Oldest Restaurant in the World

The Oldest Restaurant in the World

The Oldest Restaurant in the World

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Madrid is often mentioned when we talk of football, art and design, but did you know it also is home to the oldest  restaurant in the world which is still up and running?

Originally Casa Botín, later Sobrino de Botín and now just Botín, figures in the Guinness Book of Records and is considered amongst the world’s best classic restaurants. This piece of history is located in the medieval district of Madrid called ‘Madrid de Los Autrias’. Originally set-up by Chef Jean Botín who had migrated from France, has changed ownership over the years and has gone through occasional renovations and face lifts. But the restaurant still retains one of its vaulted brick dining spaces and the original wood-fired oven dating back to 1725.

 The food served is traditionally Spanish and deliciously homely – doesn’t fall in the conventional fine-dine circuit. When you dine at Botín, there is a good chance you would hear about the most famous Spanish artist of all times, Francisco De Goya and his connection with this old eatery. As mentioned in 1987 edition of Guinness, in his youth, Goya had worked here as a dishwasher – now that’s the kind of trivia that adds to its already irresistible appeal. This place, it’s food and the ambiance has lured several celebrities over time and has influenced the writings of the likes of Ernest Hermingway and Fredrick Forsyth.

A tour through this place – now a four storeyed structure – is like time travelling through the history of Spain. So, when you travel to the capital of Spain do not forget to head to ‘Madrid de Los Autrias’ to have a memorable dining experience at the World’s oldest restaurant!

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