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A kaleidoscopic Spectacle / A visual Carnival


The land of Copacabana, Carnaval and Cariocas (people of Rio) prepares itself for a completely different spectacle this year. World's finest athletes will descend on the land of myriad hues for the Olympics games this summer. But, since there is so much this vast country can offer, travelling for the games wouldn’t be your only incentive.

This is one country where the party lasts forever… literally a rainbow spills on the street during the Carnaval celebrations, when the entire country comes to a standstill. That’s how seriously the Brasileiros take their fun! The joie de vivre, the diverse landscapes and the overspills of varied cultures make Brazil a hot favourite in the travel circuit.

Sun worshipers would, of course, head to the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, but for the explorer in you that itches to unearth all things unique and awe-inspiring, stick to our guide.

Iguazu Falls

Iguassu falls

Even Indiana Jones and James Bond couldn’t resist the temptations of this tempestuous natural wonder. The most interesting fact about these falls that span a 3 Km cliff edge –shared by Brazil and Argentina – is that it can be accessed through three countries – Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The cascades drop with thunderous power creating a misty image that would stay in your conscious memory forever.

Christ the Redeemer


This location needs no introduction – Christ the Redeemer has always been the poster boy of Brazil and not the massively popular and current favourite, Ronaldinho. The 38 m high open armed Statue of Christ that sits atop Corcovado Mountain, looks down upon the bays and the urban sprawl and spreads the message of peace. It’s a glorious statue, and many would say, more iconic than the Statue of Liberty – courtesy its breathtaking location, and the dramatic transitions it goes through, as the sky changes colours through the day.

Do take as many pictures as you want. Now, how often can you boast of taking selfies with Jesus?

Mount Roraima


From one natural wonder to another. This one’s for the adrenaline junkies and brave hearts. Mount Roraima, a massive table top formation that, again, borders three countries – Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana – offers a trekking experience through the dense rainforest. And after a long yet enlightening exploration of its rich biodiversity, you reach the summit to enjoy a campfire under the star-spangled sky.

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon River

Amazon forest is a dream for all the nature lovers. The Rainforest spans nine countries and spread across 1.7 Billion acres. Famously known as the ‘Lungs of the world’, Amazon is home to expansive wildlife and vegetation. It’s a dense mosaic of ecosystems that provide you your jaw-dropping moments – Be prepared for jaguars lounging on trees and run for cover if you hear the ear-splitting cries of Howler monkeys!


Do-Not-Miss list

Brazillain Desset

Local delicacies – Brazilians love their food just as much as they love their football. Do not forget to sample, Romeo and Juliet – Goiabada (guava paste) with Minas cheese, or Açaí – a granola bowl sans yogurt.

Musical treats – Head to Lapa to find the finest samba dancers swing to some fun music.

Quiet escapes – Get away from the boisterous action of cities like Rio and Sao Paulo and take shelter in a quaint yet luxurious fishing village of Trancoso.

Photo – op moments –

The mosaic clad imagery on the Selaron Steps in Rio is a favourite celebrity spot for pictures, while the Favelas create another mosaic, but alas, not for the cream of the crop. Favelas are a crowded labyrinth of slums that cover the hilltops and make for a picturesque canvas at night.

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