Black Swan Moments!

Black Swan Moments!

Black Swan Moments!

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Goa: Feni tasting in a Heritage Homestay


This country liquor produced only in Goa is something I thought I’d written off a long long time ago when on a thirsty summer’s day I gulped down a mouthful of what I had assumed was cold water. Sips of feni at family parties didn’t excite me either. So, when our large-hearted host offered an ‘on-the-house’ feni tasting session, I smiled politely and agreed to try just one shot. Instead of the strong harsh smell, a fruity aroma wafted through the air, one shot of cashew feni down, I went for a shot of coconut feni and then a delicious cocktail. A happy high later, I was a fan. This feni, strong and  carefully crafted, was nothing like what  I’d tasted before. I started imagining innovative ways of smuggling this feni to Pune. Deciding against it, now here in Pune, I can hear Goa calling…

– Gayatri Mendanha, Asst. Professor, SSLA, Pune.

Himachal Diaries


Soft murmur of a river in the background, quaint cosy cottages ensconced within the envelope of mountains, dewy blades of grass tickling you feet, wrought iron benches framed by fist – sized roses, bright smiling faces ready at your service…did I just die and go to heaven? Thank you Black Swan Journeys!

Shweta Salvi, Asst. Editor, Home Review

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